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I have decided that I have to re-evaluate my summer to do list.

-Write more often.
-Redo music choices.
-Read non-suckish books.
-Keep in touch with Kay.
-Write down dreams.
-Cut down on TV and video games.
-Get one of those email pen pals.
-Learn more myths and stories.

~I like that.~
I'm still alive. I am, I am.
I'm still breathing, so that's good.
I'm still talking, so I'm okay.
I'm still laughing, so it doesn't matter that it's pretend.

I'm okay.

Hello World

Hello World,

I am happy. I have awoken from a deep slumber that has lasted from 1:00 pm on June 3rd to right now. Life is good. I am happy. Summer is before me. Oh, the mad heat of summer.


Right, like I can sleep in this house. I'm sooo tired. I hate summer. I stuck my foot outside and I got blisters. Plans to go to Six Flags have been cancelled due to 100 degrees of EVIl NASTY MEAN HEAT. At least I have my books. Do not forsake me books, be awesome. Did you know a bad book will me grouchy for a whole day. I just wasted my time on this dipshity thing. Sigh....


It is almost summer. This makes me very happy.
Things I am looking forward to:

Reminding people that waking me up before 10 will surely result in death.(or at least pillows thrown at you)
Books. (My books I miss you so...)
No more worrying about grades, tardies, or the temptation to skip.(Did you know that they put that on your report card!?)
Writing. (Oh, notebooks I miss you so... too)
I can stay in jammies all day! 
I can devote more time to job. (and not feel bad for slacking)




But maybe it's blasphemous to say so, I mean really something man-made can't actually be G-O-D. (Like holy music and bright- shinyness type God) But still, you know you can ask the Internet anything and it will answer. Try and type up a random question (Not something like adfnkjahsdbgnkughgjn? THAT DON'T COUNT!)  and the Internet will answer. I guess there are actual people who are answering but-----------------


In other news, I'm going to HOUSTON! With all my favorite people!!!!!!!!! At least the ones that go to my school!!!!!)

I am packing::::

  • Book Not sure which book, but the specifics so don't matter, all I know is that it's going to be good-Like italicized good
  • Pink pillow with the smily face. It makes me smile, too!
  • Blanket- Oh comfy soft blankey, where for art thou? Methinks thou be-est in me fortress of clothes!  
  • Wallet with $50- Suvaner con una comida para me stomach (FYI I suck at Spanish)
  • iPod loaded with punk music. Can anyone say Sex Pistols??
  • Notebook When that writing urge hits me!
  • Pen to go with the notebook duh
  • Camera- Piccys with my gothy friends won't my mother be so happy when she sees them?!?!?!
  • uhhhhhhhhhhhh and other stuff that I don't what is yet...........

Writer's Block: GIP (Gratuitous Icon Post)

You finally have an excuse to use it—what userpic do you not get to use very often but can't delete because it's just that awesome?
TA-DA Emo love is the best love there is.

Oh noes!

It's Saturday! That means tomorrow is Sunday. Which means I am going to school the day after that. How depressing. I spent the week doing basically nothing. Which is fine with me, except... it's such a waste, ya know? 


Today is also my father's birthday. I don't know how old he is, which makes me a bad daughter. BLAH! Who cares, I'm too self-absorbed to even remember 'til Sister-Dear told me. Hateful hag. I don't even think that birthdays are that birthdays are that big of a deal. My birthdays always go wrong. Tell ya later.  

Have you ever thought....

Have you ever thought that bad things just happen to one person? It's like a person who breaks their foot and then breaks the other one in an unrelated accident. Or is that just me? As in does that kind of stuff only happen to me.... Like the fact that two of my friends are dead, both who I was insanely close to, one when he was 13, the other when she was 17? And the fact that my sister is the first to develop a bad skin condition in my entire famiy. Bad things happen to people I'm close to. That's sooo creepy. Maybe I'm overreacting. Or am I? *shudder*

I'm probably just thinking about this 'cause April is cancer awareness month and if you remember one tragedy, your going to thing of all of them...


For some reason I've been wanting to take photos of things lately. Like Verooka and her girlfriend while they were walking down the hallway holding on to each other. It wasn't posed or anything and you could just see the back of their heads but it was really... something. I can't describe it. I was always against the whole " a picture is woth a thousand words" crap. But, wow. I know it sounds kinda stupid but I've been wanting a camera since then. I wonder how much one costs. I mean, I could use my mom's but then she would always be after me to see if I was taking care of it... if she even let me use it. I have only a little moneys saved up. But if I read my two books really fast- wait only one since I read the other one yesterday. If I review the one I read fast, and read the other one fast and the last one arrives in the mail quickly (see how I didn't say fast), I'll have $75 more! And with the $160 I have saved up, that should be enough right? Right? How much do cameras cost?